Mandy Zerr

Copywriter and Project Manager
May 2006 – August 2008

Mandy was hired in the spring of 2006 to help with a massive editorial effort, a content overhaul for a 2000-page site. Her experience as a newspaper editor (and her optimism's stamina) made her well suited for the project.

She of course completed those initial tasks to our satisfaction, so we promoted her to a permanent position on our creative development team. She became a copywriter and learned how to apply her writing style to banner ads, direct emails and web sites.

We promoted her to project manager in early 2007. She worked primarily on our Yahoo! account, interacting with brands ranging from Yahoo! HotJobs to Yahoo! Answers to Yahoo! Movies (and though they all are sub-brands of Yahoo!, they differ significantly in tone, voice and appearance). She maintained and grew harmonious relationships with some of our most important clients.

Mandy resigned in August 2008 to follow her first-choice-for-husband to Pittsburgh, PA. Steeltown USA, for crying out loud. We miss her.

Letter of Recommendation (PDF, 48 KB)