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Carving Out A Brand

Revival Timberwork gets a logo and site worthy of its product

Nothing gets us more excited than a blank slate. So when Chris Wike, owner of Revival Timberwork, a handcrafted timber framing and custom wood working company, approached us about building a new home on the web for his newly renamed business, it was obvious that we’d have to start at the foundation and work our way up.

The project quickly turned into an all-out branding effort for Revival and we were excited to play foreman. After getting to know the nature of Wike’s sustainability-focused construction business and the ins and outs of the timber framing process, we developed a logo for the brand that would be used across all of Revival’s future communications.

With an identity in focus, we had what we needed to start the website design process. Since Wike’s stunning craftsmanship needs to be seen to be believed, we relied heavily on end result photography of Revival’s most beautiful structures. The site was complimented by a sleek mobile design and a fresh set of business cards to help drum up business from new acquaintances.