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Cooking up inspiration

Getting LG's Black Stainless Steel Series onto Pinterest

It’s clean. It’s sleek. It’s…black? It’s the new LG Black Stainless Steel Series and it’s coming to a kitchen near you.

Our friends at LG wanted to see more of its stunning Black Stainless Steel Series on Pinterest. To get the pins flowing, LG gave HGTV and Pinterest users a chance to win an entire suite of appliances simply by building a “Dream Kitchen Board”.  HGTV personalities Emily Henderson and David Bromstad set the stage by building kitchen inspiration boards of their own—featuring LG Black Stainless Steel Series appliances, of course.

We offered our guidance to come up with a beautiful contest design featured on HGTV, a hero image to be shared with their board submissions on Pinterest, as well as a banner campaign to promote the entire initiative.

Just like LG Black Stainless Steel appliances, our ingenuity is limitless.