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Closing the gap between wrench time and break time

Launching the world's first blast-resistant rigid fabric structure

Ever drive by an industrial construction site and wonder, “What’s under that big tent?” Mahaffey Fabric Structures has been a leader in producing and siting such tents for nearly 80 years on work sites and refineries all across North America. Their clients use them for everything from lunch and break tents for workers to equipment and machinery storage and temporary warehousing. But there are a lot of considerations to make before the guy in charge says, “Set it up over there.”

Max 756, Mahaffey’s latest offering, is the first blast-proof temporary fabric structure on the market. It was engineered as a direct response to the newly enacted safety guidelines (established by API RP 756) for placing break tents on hazardous and potentially volatile work sites. Max 756’s resistance to potential blasts offers the safety of Blast Resistant Modules (BRMs) and the flexibility and scale of a traditional temporary fabric structure. The major benefit of Max 756 is that it can be placed much closer to the actual work site than other such structures, cutting down on time spent traveling back and forth for breaks—a major money saver on big work sites.

Our job was simple: tell the story of Max 756 and why it’s a superior solution for potential new clients. What do we know about blast resistant tents? Well, at the time, not a whole lot. We spent weeks researching the competition, learning about the industries Mahaffey serves and talking one on one with Mahaffey’s core team of salesmen. By the time we fired up Photoshop, we were ready to go.

We wrote, designed and developed a stunning and responsive one page microsite complete with an interactive cost savings calculator. We quickly followed the site up with a print brochure for interest at trade shows and for Mahaffey’s sales force. And finally, we designed truck graphics to echo the voice of Max 756 straight through to on-site installation and removal.

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