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Raising the (G)BAR for Stock Music

Bringing visual harmony to a commercial music house

Every song tells a story, and every story needs a song.

George Paterno and Bruce Siekmann of GBAR Music have been writing, recording and producing commercial music together for over two decades. Their deep catalog spans just about every musical genre and lyrical whimsy—truly a song for every occasion—all intended to help producers, filmmakers and multimedia artists achieve a perfect union of visual and musical. But until working with Sposto Interactive, GBAR Music didn’t have a cohesive brand, a clear story or even a convenient way to browse its unique collection of tracks.

We helped bring it all together by developing a sharp new identity for GBAR Music, a clear, compelling brand story and a beautiful new responsive website with an innovative track browsing interface. It was all music to GBAR’s ears.

Check out GBAR Music’s brilliant new site