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Balancing research and shopping

Bringing eCommerce to manufacturers

When we need details about a product—support material, dimensions, tech specs, whatever—we turn to the manufacturer’s website. So for years, manufacturers produced sites with a single purpose: quickly connecting you with information about their products. Ah, the joy of singular focus.

But today, manufacturers can be their own online retailers, and that means their sites have to work double duty. Shopping and researching are totally separate tasks, right? Pfffft.

When Nikon started selling direct, it did what many manufacturers have done: it left its product information site intact and opened a wholly separate online store. But that’s just crazy. Imagine trying to manage two nearly identical sites—launching new products, retiring old products, translating content, changing prices, aggregating reviews, fielding support questions…yikes. A few years of that chaos inspired Nikon to bring commerce to its far superior product information site, to prove that shopping and research can play nice together in a single site. And Nikon asked Sposto Interactive to figure out how to do it.

Read what Nikon’s eCommerce implementor (the team that actually enacted our solutions and designs for Nikon) said about the effort.