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A video gem from 2 to the 007

It’s 2007: the year of the iPhone, the MLB steroid scandal, No Country For Old Men and also Michael Bay’s Transformers, his first installment of the is-there-really-another-one-of-those-movies series.

To promote the release, Yahoo! Movies tapped Sposto Interactive for a fan-submitted video contest, the sort of thing anyone who grew up in the 80s, owned a Flip Cam and wanted to prove they were the ultimate Transformers fan would enter. To get the ball rolling, we made our own little 15-second fan video here at the office to prove that the cardboard box is STILL (and always will be) one of the greatest and most imaginative toys around.

This one really let us stretch our creative wings and think outside…the…box (bwaa ha…ughhh).