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Celebrating D-SLR filmmaking

Helping Nikon inspire directors, DPs and videographers
Photo: Tom Quinn

The Canon 5D Mark II is the camera that introduced H0llywood to D-SLR cameras. It addressed some key needs of directors, DPs and camera operators, and they embraced it in a big way. Finally, the compact size, outstanding image quality, shallow depth of field and diverse lens options of D-SLR cameras could be harnessed for Full HD 1080p video applications. For that, we thank you Canon.

But Nikon is the most innovative camera manufacturer in the world—the company that launched the first real D-SLR, that pioneered the modern autofocus system, that for over 85 years has produced the finest optics available, NIKKOR lenses, and on and on. It’s no surprise, then, that Nikon’s first fully cinematic HD-SLR cameras, the D800, D4 and D600, have brought a whole new level of capabilities and inspiration to filmmakers. Game on.

And Nikon’s commitment to filmmaking is for the long haul. Just look at the beautiful Nikon Cinema site we helped Nikon create—it’s brimming with breathtaking videos shot entirely with Nikon gear, tips and techniques from today’s leading pros, behind-the-scenes looks at major productions using Nikon HD-SLRs and simply awesome content about filmmaking. The site is proof that Nikon is again at the front of the pack, delivering tools that inspire and empower artists to perform at new levels.

It’s also proof that great content, smart interactivity and stunning design make for brilliant web sites.

Check out the beautiful Nikon Cinema site