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Finding the absolut best Bloody Mary in America

Helping cocktail enthusiasts locate their next tomatoey libation

Ah, the Bloody Mary. Few adult beverages combine the wholesome goodness of vegetables with the warming bite of a potent liquor quite as well as a good Bloody. If you’ve never been a fan of the lava-esque concoction, it’s probably because you’ve never had a good one!

That’s where we come in.

Thanks to our friends at Food Network, we were able to help Absolut Vodka promote their contest to track down the best Bloody Mary in America. Can you say, “dream job?” The goal was simple: find a way to let people know where they could sample the contenders (made with Absolut Vodka, of course) in nearby bars and restaurants. After much planning and thought (and much…ah hem…research), we created the centerpiece of the promotion—an interactive map to help whistles in need of wetting find a participating watering hole. The map also included a few of Absolut’s personal favorite Bloody Mary recipes. To drive traffic and further support the contest, additional interactive ads were created for both mobile and desktop browsers.

We suggest you check out the work and, if you’re so inclined, check out some of the best Bloody Marys near you. Just remember folks: please enjoy responsibly.